Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Big Scare

Yesterday was a pretty regular day. Ran errands in the morning, played with the baby, talked to hubby(he works the evening shift), just another day. That is until I left my husband and baby to head to the bank and pick our other two kids up from school. I was sitting at the bank taking care of some writing business and my phone rang. It was hubby and he said to come home right away, so I immediately started heading that way. You see, hubby is not one to kid around. In fact, he is probably the most serious 30 something I know.  Really. Grabbing my things I run out to the jeep and the phone rings again.
"Call an ambulance, something is wrong with my heart."
Oh God. I dialed 911 and headed for the house.He was pacing around when I got there, he looked grey, his hands were clammy. I freaked. We have just finished with some excitement surrounding his being diagnosed with high  blood pressure. It took ages for the ambulance to get here. After they came inside, they walked him out the the ambulance while we waited inside...
Luckily I was walking toward the ambulance when it started pulling out the driveway. It was easier for me run through my yard and chase the ambulance down so I could ask the driver where they were taking him.
Some hours(and several tests) later at the hospital, they told us it was only PVC or palpitations.
Phew! I felt relieved. As I am basking in my happiness of my hubby's diagnosis, he is apologizing to everyone for wasting their time and stressing out over the future hospital bills.  Me? Well, I'm just glad he's still here to stress about everything. Glad you're feeling better!