Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gimme A Beat...

Welcome to the weekend! Next Friday, I plan to start something new - Freelance Friday - where I hope to offer freelance writing tips, book reviews, helpful links and "don't make the same mistake I did" posts(I have quite a few of those).

But for today, some additional thoughts on creativity and inspiration.

Was there a particular person who influenced your decision to become a writer?

Who inspires you? Maybe it's a writer you read at an early age, maybe your teen or college years or maybe you were inspired by someone new a few weeks ago. Those stories you can't put down, I love those.

Inspiration can come from other places - music, photography, scenes you take in during your day. Music really inspires me, especially when I'm working on my YA novel. I guess for me it's a little easier to plot things out if I've got a beat...

Have a great weekend!

Who or what inspires your writing?


  1. Great post. Yes, I might blog about why I write. Thanks for the nice idea.

  2. Great Post!!! Who or what inspires me? The need to tell stories or write them. Ideas and characters just come visit me. Don't really know why. Maybe an over active imagination.

  3. @Eve:Thanks-would love to read that post!!It's always cool to see where people get their inspiration!
    @ Shelly:Thank you. From what I have read - I think your imagination rocks :)

  4. Music inspires me all the time. I write for me and me alone. I love words.