Thursday, December 16, 2010

Umm, Who Ordered the Blizzard?

Well good readers-I am so far behind and this last cold snap, it is not helping to ease the pain. Mounds of the beautiful white stuff is falling outside our window as we celebrate snow day #2(out of three-thank you Gov. Strickland-I'm glad I'll be spending my summer vacation at home so the kids can make up the extra snow days!) Tomorrow was to be the kids last day of school, but I don't think we'll be going then either considering the fact I cannot even tell there is a road in front of our house.

This ill-timed snowfall has produced much tension among the ranks here at our house. My daughter's cell phone stopped working yesterday-which means she cannot communicate with the outside world(her friends). She was counting on a trip to AT&T today to get a replacement-but we cannot get out of the driveway. This makes her...well..unhappy."There's nothing in this house to do!" Back in my day(80's), I told her, we read books and played board games on snow days. There were no cell phones, computers, Xbox360's or, what is she complaining about?  My son is bummed because no school means no "Santa's Workshop"( the PTO's way of collecting coin from parents by way of .50 items sold for $1.50) and if he's out tomorrow, it means no Christmas party, which I just realized I forgot to buy cookies for. Did I mention I was in the running for mother of the year? Yes, the cabin fever is running a little high this afternoon-and no snow plow in sight! At least the little guy is happy, give him a jelly sandwich and he's good to go.

Hopefully everyone will calm down soon and enjoy their day off school. I have a food article to write and then maybe we'll make some holiday cookies...yeah who am I kidding-arming this motley bunch with cooking utensils and icing today would probably be a recipe for disaster. The gingerbread man won't be the only one who runs away!


  1. I love the family story and how every day together is like a Santa's Workshop in progress.

  2. Ah, winter, the best time of the year!

  3. Thanks for reading guys!
    @ the Desert Rocks-it's crazy here but most of the time it's fun!
    @William-true!Unfortunate that my above average ice skating skills are not enough to amuse the children when they are snowbound!