Sunday, December 5, 2010

We Are Not Alone...

No, I didn't see any alien lifeforms on my snow-covered roof this evening...they probably wouldn't dig my neighborhood anyway..not a really happening place.   Anyways...These last couple of weeks I have noticed a few things about my writing: 1.) there's more of it 2.) it's getting done more frequently, and 3.)I'm feeling less of that burning, red-faced, embarrassed feeling when some jerk says"So,what is it that you do again..write stuff? Well what are you working on now?"
Sadly, I don't personally know any authors in my area so when people would ask me when my book was published or told me I couldn't really call myself a writer until you could buy my book at the bookstore, it would make me question my chosen career path. These ideas were really starting to get to me, I even thought about quitting for good(I'm not sure how that would've worked out, this is all I've wanted to do since I was five).
That is, until I discovered something amazing...there are others out there.
I visit the Writer's Digest site at least twice a week, have for some time. But a short time ago I decided to check out the writing community. I joined, made a profile page and joined a couple of groups consisting of writing professionals of all types-aspiring authors to novelists. It's amazing! I've learned so much already and it's been fun. So to my fellow group members I would like to say thanks, and to any other aspiring writers out there who feel like they're hanging out in literary land by themselves I offer this advice-connect with other writers, join some groups and get out there. It will do wonders for your writing-and maybe even your sanity.


  1. I enjoyed your post because I also understand the value of online writing friends. I don't know of any authors in my area and joined the Writer's Digest Community to find those of kindred spirit. Thank you for sharing what is in my heart.

  2. Hello Cat,
    I enjoyed your post. Good luck with all your writing. Hope to read more.

  3. Definitely a great post. Enjoyed it.


  4. Thank you all for reading- I really appreciate it!!